Razor E100 and E200; Which Electric Scooter Would You Choose?

You don’t need people to advise on which scooter to buy for your child because each person speaks in accordance to their own experience. There are certain factors that render an electric scooter suitable for a specific child age group and it is important to find one which suits your child.

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Manufactured By

While there may be many different features that renders E100 and E200 apart from each other, the one common factor between the two is their manufacturing company. Both the electric scooters are produced by the pioneer company; Razor and therefore ensure an innovative design and strong build.

Motor and Speed

Designed for a totally different age groups; E100 for kids of age 8 and above and E200 for ages 12 and above, it is of no surprise that the speed for both differs too. The E200 has a speed of 12 mph while E100 reaches a velocity of upto 10 mph which makes it ideal for their particular age group.

Throttle Design

This is another feature that is similar between both E100 and E200 is throttle design which resembles a normal twist throttle. Furthermore, none of the two scooters have a variable speed throttle, it is either switched on or off. While E100 requires a manual start of upto 3 mph until the motor kicks start whereas all E200 needs a simple twist to get it started.

Weight Bearance

In accordance to the age group of the scooters they cater, it is obvious that the maximum rider weight that the two electric scooters can bear is different. The maximum rider weight for E100 is a 1oo pounds and 220 pounds for E200. However, to know more about distinct features, the review https://sprousebros.com/razor-e200-electric-scooter-review/ will be of great help.

Run Time and Accessories

The run time for both scooters are same; 40 minutes of continuous ride on a single charge. The accessories that come with both E100 and E200 include batteries and its chargers, kickstand and appropriate assembly tools.