What you should know about Twitch Streamer?

While it may appear that Streaming on Twitch.tv is all about the games, the fact is it is the characters behind the games that people actually come to see. The truth is you might be a more successful streamer if you take more time to practice your little talk, rehearse a few jokes, or rehearse a few methods to provide the audience while you are playing. It is with this in mind we have a look at a few important ideas that can help you become a better streamer, and if you are really good, the next major gaming personality.

Probably the biggest mistake Streamers make is not including their audience from the presentation. Imagine you are giving a presentation on a point before a live audience. The first and most important element in this is the addition of a webcam on your flow. Nothing makes a bigger impact on audience interaction compared to allowing the people watching your game play be able to see how and how you are reacting to it.


Respond to user queries and comments

You do not have to answer everyone, but if a how much are twitch bits worth or remark catches your eye or is popular among the audience take a second to tackle it. It will help encourage additional conversation and let them know that you are listening and not entirely focused on the game.


When you are streaming it is a 1 man show with the spotlight firmly fixed on you. Keeping all your audience amused and happy is near impossible as everyone would like to see various things, but there are a couple of basic avenues you can take that most men and women enjoy. Impart your gaming knowledge to the masses. Try to be the best at the game, or even the champion/race/player you generally stream about. Word will soon spread of your art, bringing people who wish to learn in droves. Staying current with the latest patches and upgrades will also ensure you always have something to discuss.

You are the life of this party off screen, so why not bring this gift to the monitor. Pop culture, current events, you can riff from it all. If you are not gifted with the ability of witty banter preparation and study is the friend. Jot down a few quick notes on topics you could discuss if there is a noticeable lull. Or you might just be the guy who tells bad jokes all of the time and make your thing. The point is to get another action that compliments your gambling and makes it a much more complete and one of a kind experience.