Ideal Straw Thickness For Limos

The qualities of the straws that you end up using might not seem all that important for the manner in which you have currently chosen to end up living your life, but it is important to note that they can determine a lot about the experience that you are trying to have in a limo that you have rented from the best service provider in your area. Deciding what straws to use can be a little time consuming, but if you take into account whatever drinks your planning to have at the end of the day then there is a lot that can be gained from doing a relatively small amount of work all in all.

As far as straw thickness is concerned, if you are about to consume light drinks that do not have a lot of thickness to them then a thin straw can do just fine. This includes most kinds of alcoholic drinks since they are not all that thick which means that a narrow straw would have enough space to allow them to pass through without any major kind of hindrance. However, if you plan on drinking milkshakes on your limo Derby KS or any other kind of drink that is too viscous to pass through such a narrow straw, then getting straws that have a wider hole in them might just be a good idea for you to check out.

Wider straws are perfect for thick beverages. Milkshakes will always contain milk and ice cream, both of which come together to make a really thick beverage that you need an adequately thick straw to consume otherwise you will have to suck really hard and wouldn’t get all that much out of it.